Thursday, 18 December 2014

Three - Pain in the Derrière

After successfully fending off seven phone calls in the last four days from the Three network - I asked Google who was calling me - I finally gave in and answered my phone

"Hello, I'm calling from Three, your network provider" ... "yeah" ... "am I speaking to Mrs W?" ... "yes and no, I've changed my name to Mrs something else" ... "OK, Mrs W, ma'am, as you're such a privileged customer of Three, I've got some offers just for you" ... "I've changed my name" ... "I must tell you first that this call may be recorded for training purposes" ... "yeah, and I'm recording it for stopping annoying phone call purposes".

"Ma'am can I ask what phones and networks other members of your are family on? ... Blah blah blah.
Tuning back in two mins later after telling her grumpy does NOT need to join Three with a fabby new phone on any kind of contract ...

"What type of touch phone (her words) would you like ma'am, Android or Windows? ... "Android" ... any particular phone ma'am, Mrs W?" ... "I rather fancy the Samsung galaxy s5 mini" ... "oh, that's a lovely choice Mrs W, ma'am, but what I can offer you ma'am is Samsung galaxy s5 for £28 month with nothing to pay up front" ... "I don't want a Samsung s5, it's too big" ... "but it's screen is 5 inches ma'am" ... "I don't want 5 inches, I want 4.3 or 4.5 maximum" ... "it's unlocked, I'm sure you know what that means ma'am" ... "I don't want it" ... "You can use it as a hotspot, it's got 4g, 600 mins, unlimited texts, free 0800 calls, cheap 0845 calls. Ma'am you're privileged as an excellent customer" ... "I don't want it, I'm ending this call now, goodbye" ... "witter, witter ma'am ...


  1. I'm sick to the back teeth of unsolicited nuisance telephone calls, I get on average 4 a day. I've now switched my phone over to 'fax' mode and that take all calls for me !

    The main problem is that most withhold their number or call from overseas, so stopping me from reporting them to the Telephone Preference Service who I registered with about 9 years ago. It seems this problem is getting worse as each year ticks by, I dread to think what 2015 will bring ?


  2. Yes, we're registered with them, but It's very little point. I had an argument with one overseas caller about the company they work for being in trouble if they phone me again because I was on a list of numbers that shouldn't be phoned.

    It won't be a problem soon as we're cancelling the home phone and broadband as we rarely use either, and we're already letting the answer phone take all the calls.

    My 3 mifi that we use at the tin hut and my mobile phone are both faster (4g) than Sky broadband and we're only a stone's throw from the exchange.


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