Saturday, 25 April 2015

Fishy Tale

Last Wednesday a small -  Interpet Insight 40 - fish tank was purchased for the tin hut. This was so I could bring my White Cloud Mountain minnows and two adopted - mucky - fantail goldfish here for the summer, then I'd no longer worry about them needing cleaning whilst I'm away ... so far so good.
Oddjob had already aided and abetted me in the installation of said fish tank by moving a shelf a couple of inches to accommodate it - bless him - so I got on with setting it all up that afternoon.

After observing the water and plants doing whatever it is they do that evening by shifting from seat to seat, I decided the aquarium needed moving by about 10 inches. Then I was certain it would be better enjoyed by all occupants of the tin hut ... the shelf would also need unscrewing so I could move the cable to the other side.

"No problem", says he.

This rearrangement was done early that very afternoon, whilst Mr Grumpy - knowing I was on a fasting day - munched his way through half the contents of the fridge, whilst describing in great detail what he was having.

First I had to empty some water, then ever-so-gently slide the fish tank along, then I refilled it again.

"Right" says I, "can you just move this shelf so I can sort the cable?"

"Why not?"

"Yer fish tank's in the way"

"But you watched me empty it, move it and refill it!!"

"Oh, I could see yer faffing about with it, but I was eating me dinner" ...

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