Monday, 29 June 2015

Blog Photo Theft

I am fuming! Some dodgy arsehole - George Burns/Georgi Tonov - has used my before and after photo on his crappy diet pill reviews website. 

I'll give him an effin PLOBLEM

He doesn't say I've bought diet pills, but the inference is clear. He insults me further by claiming The Age Is Not A Ploblem - Lose Weight Like her ... I am not sharing a link to his site as he didn't do the decent thing and link back to my blog to make it clear how I lost my weight ... it's easy enough to find if you really want to from these photos.

honest and reputable my arse!
He has also got a Facebook page of stolen before and after photos linking back to his crapsite. Furthermore the photo that he stole from me in December has been 'watermarked' right across my belly with his effin fattist address. I have reported him to Facebook for theft of intellectual property ... and nothing.

Pinterest - fine but it still took me to his crapsite.

If it hadn't been pinned on Pinterest - which does have a link to my blog, so is almost okay - I would probably never have known it was being used. Yesterday I left a comment on his fattist site, it is still awaiting moderation. I have now left two comments on his Facebook page ... and still nothing ...

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  1. Stick at him and let the World know what a dirt-bag he really is for pulling this stunt on you with-out ever bothering to contact you first before posting !



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