Monday, 14 July 2014

Tweaking Maintenance

Waiting with my BIG camera for the Advanex Tour de Skeggy to finish

I'm still tweaking things slightly on a weekly basis. Saturday and Sunday I had one meal each day at 7.00pm, today I had one at 4.30 and will squeeze something in around 8.30pm. The rest of the week will be a 6 hour eating window every day.

My problem with one meal has never been hunger, but rather I'm too hyper until I eat. This was fine Saturday as I was out waiting a couple of hours to photograph family and their work colleagues - oh yes, and mine, I forget I work there - to finish their 70-100 mile - depending on where they started - bike ride for charity. This meant I could jig about. strut up and down and wiggle my bits without really drawing too much attention to myself.

Sunday was different, I was working all day to get ahead because my friend is coming to stay tomorrow and I was climbing the walls. I simply have too much energy. It's not coffee or tea causing it - I don't think - because I hardly drink any, but artificial sweeteners in my very cheap diet lemonade could be to blame.

Today I was fine because I've been very busy ... washing - the old fashioned way using a washer and spinner (I'm at the tin hut), baking a bread and butter pudding - yum - preparing the guest bedroom, and after all this I decided that outside the tin hut, veranda and steps needed scrubbing (I wasn't wrong), yawn. Only got the ironing and cleaning left to do ... which rather disproves the point made by some daft, ill informed bint that we'd be fainting every fart's end and be unable to function after missing one meal, never mind two ...

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  1. Hello Julie,
    I have to admit I can't comment anymore on diets, ignore them - yes! But no comments. However - "washing - the old fashioned way using a washer and spinner"? Now, now. That's not old fashioned. Old fashioned to me is - bowl in the sink, hot water with a good sprinkle of 'Dreft' and loads of 'elbow grease'.
    Ring & rinse, and Ring & rinse and out on the line to dry.
    And back indoors for a good hunk of Bread Pudding!
    I leave out the milk. :-)
    Cheers.... B xxx

    1. Hi Bernard, I don't expect you to even READ my dieting posts, never mind comment. I wouldn't bother writing about it but there's loads of interest from across the pond.

      The 'dieting' posts are quick to do but I'll be writing about my new 'bells and whistles' camera soon and that will take some time ... when (if) I've got to grips with it.

      Julie xx

    2. What I was trying to say - was that I am ignoring all these different diets published in the papers. I never ignore your dieting posts - I do read them but I have to admit that you lose me sometimes.
      Hope you manage with your new camera. Have you noticed how nothing these days comes with an instruction booklet? Mine just came with a leaflet called "Getting started." and that was that. There was of course a disc, which of course needs a computer to read the 4083 pages of instructions in 28 different languages! I still don't know what a fraction of my cameras 'bells and whistles' do?
      I don't fancy printing the whole thing out, but I do prefer 'hard copy'.
      B xx

    3. Oh I see, well you're made of stronger stuff than me if you can read my ADF posts when you're not really interested.

      There were about eight 'booklets' of instructions in different languages with my camera. But yes, there is a CD with three files of instructions. I too would prefer a hard copy so I also downloaded them from t'Interweb to my phone because the time I like to do my 'studying' is in bed.

      Julie xx

  2. Good job!! You look great... Love hearing your updates! Coco

  3. I just have to say, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I have moved over from 5:2/alternate day fasting to time restricted fasting, and I love it. I'll never go back. I may tweak it as time goes on, but this is it for me. Right now I'm fasting 16 hours a day, but as time goes on, I will gradually decrease my hours. Please keep up your blog! It's entertaining as well as informative - thanks!

    1. So sorry anonymous, I've only just seen your comment after all this time - tidying up my links.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and I'm glad the time restricted fasting is working for you. I've recently gone back to ADF to lose my Christmas gain. Thankfully it's all gone now. I'll carry on a while longer before going into maintenance again in an attempt to lose the extra 7lbs I'd like to see gone. But if it doesn't happen I'm not going to worry. I still feel amazingly healthy, I whizz about at high speed and my clothes fit ... and that's the main thing rather than a number on a dial.

      Julie xx


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