Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Langley Mill Post Office Closed - Temporarily

Just a little post to let people of Langley Mill know that the post office is closed until Thursday February 5th for refurbishment.

I espied the scrap of paper - masquerading as a notice - in the window of this sorry establishment on my way to Chavsda where I went to stock up on the few things I can't get from Lidl.

Of course it's not going to affect me in any way because I do all my post officing in Eastwood, where they manage to string whole sentences together without scowling at you.

Gawd knows what they're refurbishing as there was next to nowt in there to refurbish, we'll have to wait and see ...


  1. Perhaps they are installing a heater? Then people wouldn't have to rush in and out quickly to avoid hypothermia.

    1. Hello Bernard, you never know, we'll have to wait and see.

      I keep meaning to email you but I'm rarely on my computer or laptop ... I do everything on the move.

      So when I do get around to it - actually I have got one of those somewhere (A Round Tuit) - it probably won't be from the email address I gave you, it'll more likely be a address rather than Just so you know :)


  2. The new owners are giving it a new look image which includes service with a smile !


    1. New owners ... with a smile instead of a sneer? That's wonderful news. I'll be able to do my post officing here then. I may even start selling on eBay again if I won't get shouted at for not being quick enough putting parcels on scales. I've got a surplus of cross stitch kits, diamonds, clothes and bags. I may as well sell 'em ... so I can buy some more.


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