Thursday, 1 July 2010

Asda Roadworks in Langley Mill

For the latest 2011 roadworks in Langley Mill, please follow this link.

I've seen varying time scales [1st June - 22nd September covers them all] and varying amounts of disruption for the coming??? roadworks in Langley Mill for the new Asda roundabout or BT's chamber underneath it ... er, whatever.

According to my sources - hey, I like that, makes me sound important - Langley Mill's roadworks are only classed as 'slight impact' and 'minimal impact' on journey times, so stop moaning.

From 5th July there is no through road beyond Wesley Street from Heanor, so I'm assuming they'd like everyone who wants to get through Langley Mill [and who doesn't?] to go up Dunstead Road - the sign telling us this bit of info is just before the traffic lights there - and then onto the A610 ... busy, busy, busy. 

And there's a sign saying no access onto Cromford Road from the Eastwood direction. It doesn't say anywhere down here that we can't get out at the end of Cromford Road onto Station Road [but probably not].

The grumpy old man has made enquires to see if there is still a way through from Cromford Road for pedestrians to the Post Office etc. [yeah, I think he meant bookies too], he was told that pedestrians would still be able to get that way.

I strongly suspect there may be another sign at the more nobby junction of Upper Dunstead Road and Cromford Road to tell passing motorists that we're closed to the rest of the world, but as mere peasants residents, we're left to guess at this bit. In fact the Asda TM information so far given is crap!

So, where was I, oh yes ...  to sum up, methinks there may be a bit of a one-way system in play [but I could be completely wrong]. You can go straight through from Eastwood to Heanor admiring the roadworks on the way. And have a nice long detour from Heanor to Eastwood, obviously Eastwood is in favour because they pay their road taxes on time [and have much better Christmas lights] while Heanor - er, probably doesn't.

No, really? You think? Nope, it's got absolutely nothing to do with which side of the road the roundabout is on, trust me ... 

Update from Trent Barton:

Station Road at Langley Mill will be closed in one direction from Monday 5th July for approx. 6 weeks. This will affect amberline, black cat and rainbow 1.
black cat and rainbow 1 buses running towards Eastwood will not be affected.  Buses running from Eastwood will divert at B&Q island via the A610 and Upper Dunstead Road where the normal route will be picked up after the traffic lights just before trent barton garage.
amberline will run to its normal route to and from Aldercar church, from the church buses will run in both directions via the A610.
We are really sorry for any inconvenience this may cause; the situation is clearly beyond our control.  Our team of drivers will do all they can to keep buses running on time.
Yes, at least they let people know where they can [anyone on their mailing list] - unlike some half-wits who expect us to guess - although ... ahem, the buses will be running in the opposite direction to everyone else according to the signs that are up.

Hmm, I'm just confused now - Ahh, bugger it! I'll walk ...

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