Wednesday, 15 February 2012

See Hear

I was just finishing my usual morning routine - this is before I get up - of reading stuff on the Android jobby. I catch up with tweets on twitter, the latest info on Facebook - I still don't like the openness of Facebook, it gives me the jitters, however it can be a useful tool. Then I read the news for Derbys, Notts, Lincs before finally arriving at the 'most read' news items at Aunty Beeb.

By now, it's very nearly time to get up. The bikkie crumbs have been wafted onto the floor and the coffee has been slurped. Yawn, s-t-r-e-t-c-h ... What is that noise now? I leant out of bed as far as the cat allowed without glaring at me. Nope, I can't see owt.

Dedicated nosiness required that I get up, sigh. Thus, not only was treated to a slitty eyed glare, but there was a distinct movement of paw with claws as I went past madam ... in her futile attempt to keep me in bed.

One of these days we're having words about this morning moodiness and day long idleness. She got picked up and unceremoniously chucked out last week because she belted me around the chops - no claws - for daring to get close while she sunbathed snoozily on the windowsill.

Heck, I haven't a clue what I'm writing about ... it's gone, lemme see ... ooh arr, I remember:

The noise that was assailing my early morning - okay mid morning, have it your way - senses was a zuzzzzing sound, so either grinding or cutting, and was coming - presumably - from one of the Asda units.

I asked my grumpy old man if he could hear it ... 'No.' was the expected reply - I don't really know why I bothered asking him - 'Well, stand over here and open the window' ... he obeyed ... 'Nope, nothing'.

We exchanged further pleasantries along the lines of ... 'Yer deaf owd t**t.' and ... 'Less of the old' ... before I lost interest and started pairing socks up that had finished airing overnight. Grumpy was still standing by the window listening really, really hard. Then he crossed the bedroom, put his glasses on and went back to listening.

'I still can't hear anything.' he declared ... Hmmm, well maybe if he put his hearing aid in, he'd be able to see what I'm doing and pair his own socks up ...


  1. " usual morning routine - this is BEFORE I get up"
    "...bikkie crumbs have been wafted onto the floor and the coffee has been slurped."
    Would that be cold coffee from the night before? - or, - do you have a loving and considerate grumpy hubby who brings you coffee & crumbs in bed?
    Lucky you. :)
    I have to get up, feed the cat and make my own coffee before blogging the blogs. :)
    That cutting noise (zzzzzzzzz) was probably ASDA hacking off the pork chops!
    They sell the worst presented pork chops I have ever seen. Have you ever seen two in a pack, that look as if they have come from the same pig?
    (No offence intended if you don't eat our porky friends.)
    I solved the socks problem years ago.
    I buy packs of five from George (ASDA) all the same colour! Usually blue!
    For a boy you see. :)

    1. Of course my grumpy old man brings me coffee and a bikkie to bed every morning, then we settle down to watch the trains go by, have a munch and a slurp :-)

  2. This had me in stitches this morning. It’s from the DT. :)

    "ASDA said 'single price points', such as £1 or 50p, were becoming more important than buy-one, get-one-free deals. (BOGOF).
    Andy Clarke, chief executive, said that one-in-four of its customers was putting items aside when reaching the till because they realised they could not afford to pay for all of their food."

    Someone left a comment -
    “The change in policy should be a nice little earner for ASDA. People are cutting back so when, if ASDA are to be believed, they get to the checkout with two items on a BOGOF they leave one behind.
    Do ASDA think that there customers are stupid?”
    Sorry if it's off topic but I though it might make you smile? :)

    1. I personally think all big supermarkets assume that their customers are stupid and gullible. Asda in particular keep quoting 'roll back' prices, but this is only because they've recently 'rolled forward' ... and they think we're daft enough not to have noticed.

      And Bernard, you can leave a comment on whatever topic you like, some comments just lately have been a bit, ahem - hmmmmm :-)


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