Saturday, 25 February 2012

My Thermostat Is Broke!

Now, before Bernard reads any further ... It's nowt to do with the gas boiler. In fact, this post is entirely for 'wimmin'.

Now, we all know I received lots of lovely booze and choccies for Christmas. The grumpy old man is still munching his way steadily through the chocolates, and I've made a bit of a dint in the alcohol. But, alas!! Not nearly as big a dint as there should be by now.

I appear to be unable to drink at this specific moment in my life and this has to be the worst symptom of perimenopause - for me - yet. We have already covered most of the symptoms before in my blog [memory not gone yet]. Oh heck I've just looked at the date I wrote that post ... HOW LONG IS THIS GOING TO LAST?

Is it not bad enough that I'm sat shivering and muffled up to the eyebrows one minute, then stripping off and throwing caution to the wind - and a 'don't even think about it' glare at my GOM; watching with a twinkle in his eye - the next?

Then there's the mood swings, I spend two days bawling and blowing my nose into a snot-stiffened tissue every time an advert comes on the telly for poorly donkeys and starving babies. So I turn the telly off and listen to music - while I work - to take my mind off all the depressing things in the world. Only then I find that I've gone into reminiscing mode and start blubbing over every dead dog, cat, budgie, pigeon, hedgehog, rat, mouse, fish et al I've been in contact with.

Of course straight after this episode I popped over to Bernard's lovely blog which was happily on about parrots and parakeets ... then I got to the comments. That set me off again, I pictured this poor little bird sat by the side of the road hour after hour - oh bugger, I'm off again, where's me hanky? - waiting for its lifelong mate to get up after it's been flattened.

The following day I was in a vile mood, I told a scrap man to p**s off just for daring to knock on the door - and he was ever so nice - he told me to have a nice day, that just made me want to throw something - non-metallic - at him.

And now, back to my 'drink problem' or 'lack of drink problem'. I just can't do it. One little dropsicule and I end up in a major sweat with a dreadful headache, which no amount of pain killers will shift. I even had to go back to bed on Tuesday after only one hour's work.

I'm not about to give in though. I've finished all this week's work ... so tonight - after total abstinence since Monday - I'm going to let my hair down, have a drink or two and no doubt take all my clothes off ...


  1. And thats all cos your a woman Joo.Nee mind it does pass i promise.Yes its not all honey and sugar being a woman is it?Welcome to the wrinkleys.Its called OLD AGE CREEPING ON.Glad now im teetotal.Your Dear Friend xx

    1. Well, thanks for that. So from here on in, I'm just going to decline into wrinkled old crumblage. Hmmm.

      And there's no way I'm going to be teetotal, I love my spirits too much.

      I didn't do too bad with my - small - whisky last night ... apart from suddenly needing to chuck all my clothes on the floor. And I only had a very minor head pain this morning.

      I will conduct this experiment again next weekend ;)

  2. Of course, as a gentleman, on reading (on my dashboard) of a 'damsel' in distress, I popped over straight away to offer assistance. :)
    Not a boiler problem then? :(
    But, hey up!
    Over-heating after a tipple is not a 'wimmin' problem - I get it - and so do loads of others (of both sexes).
    There is complicated chemistry here -
    Alcohol contains toxins that your body tries to rid itself of. One way it does this is through your pores by sweating.
    The change of sugar in your blood can cause sweating. If you consume an excessive amount of alcohol, your body chemistry will change and sweat.
    Effects Of Alcohol;
    Alcohol makes your glands work harder, which causes your body to heat up. Your body then sweats to cool off.
    Alcohol causes increased blood flow to the skin. This results in sweating.

    Of course, I use the word 'sweating' here as a medical term.

    Everyone knows that -
    "Horses sweat - Men perspire -
    And, ladies - Merely Glow!"

    1. Hmm, thanks Bernard, but these days I start 'glowing' after approximately one thimbleful of whisky. I tested it again last night ... oh, woe is me and my poor head.

      I'm still not giving in because a much better theory is that it's the ginger and not the whisky causing the problem (if only). Next weekend I'll try my thimbleful of whisky in orange juice with bits in.

      And yes, it is chemistry ... but the degree by which I'm affected is almost entirely hormonal and definitely only suffered by 'wimmin' at certain times in their lives :-)

  3. I think I'm going to have to change the way comments are done around here. The time said 14.41 then as soon as I published it reverted to Pacific time again. I have read it's to do with the new threaded comments and whether the comment form is embedded below the post or not. Here goes nothing :)


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