Sunday, 10 January 2010

Oh Deary, Deary Me

Oh dear, someone in their wisdom decided to buy me two books for Christmas, - well it was me obviously - that they found in different charity shops. I have just read one of them … ‘Grumpy Old Women’. Now I was very aware that there is a TV program called that and I’ve recently tuned into it. Gosh, aren’t I normal? In fact I’m not really grumpy at all.

I watched ‘Grumpy Christmas’ on the same night that I’d written about Christmas cards in the afternoon, I kept turning to the grumpy old man and saying ‘I’ve just written that, I hope this isn’t a repeat or everyone will think I’ve pinched the idea from this.’ It probably was a repeat but I can swear on my cats life, I’d never seen it before.

Even worse - I honestly didn’t know when I named my blog that there was a book called ‘The Secret Diary of a Grumpy Old Woman’ [I do now, I’ve got it]. I was thinking more along the lines of the Adrian Mole diaries when I named it - not much better really, have I no ideas of my own?

Having made this discovery, I feel I must change my blog title. If I’d written a [very good] book, I’d feel a teensy bit aggrieved that someone had all but pinched the title for a grumpy blog with a reading circle of approximately four people. Although, rethinking about it, it’s hardly a threat to a proper author is it?

Now I don’t know what to call it, I will probably get my new middle name ‘Grumpess’ in it somewhere. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated …

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