Tuesday, 5 January 2010

My Peace Shattered

It had been lovely and peaceful all last week, No crane playing by Heanor Haulage, very little movement of scrap on the back. I only heard the diesel forklifts in the corrugated tin-pot crappy HH buildings one morning and that could have been HH themselves, but it was in the day time and that's ok. I still didn’t notice any noise coming from PMB Pallet Express yesterday, although we were out a lot of the time. ‘Things are looking up!’ I thought. Later when we went to bed, I mentioned to the grumpy old man that I’d not heard them all evening either.

00.44am BRRRRRRRRM ... BRRRRRRRM ... clatter. ‘Oh I don’t believe this!’ I got out of bed to shut the window, not that it makes much difference. All the while muttering, first under my breath, then gradually increasing the volume ...

‘I’ll just have to suffocate, see if I care. Are you awake? Oi! The t*****rs have just started working’.

His reply - which has remained constant since Asda's planning permission for Langley Mill was passed on the 16th November - was ‘They're probably emptying the building.’

Whereupon my counter reply is always ‘Bo****ks!!’

I will miss them when they’re gone …

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