Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Men Buying Cards

Are men being deliberately obtuse when it comes to buying birthday cards etc [to get out of being asked to buy them again], or are they just incapable of getting it right?

The grumpy old man went to buy his youngest daughter’s birthday card this morning, he asked if I’d like him to get one for my nephew while he was there. I hesitated for a second before saying ‘Yes please, but bear in mind he’s in his 20’s not 80’s.’

‘OK, I’ll get him a sporty one’ he replied and toddled off on his mission. Hmm …

He did indeed get him a sporty card, I looked at it with a horrible sinking feeling - normally at this point I’d have thanked him and smiled but getting older has the advantage/disadvantage [you decide] of making me speak my mind …

‘Well it wouldn’t be my choice, but it’ll do’.

‘OH NO! You-know-what-you-can-do!’ Off he went in a huff with the parting shot ‘I’ll put it away for someone else who will like it.’

Seconds later he reappeared, wafting his daughter's card under my nose - ‘I suppose you wouldn’t choose that either!’

‘Nope.’ I didn’t in this case voice my exact thoughts which were that it was perfectly ok for a teenager but not for someone nudging 40.

We all choose cards for different reasons - I fall into the liking the picture or joke - depending who it’s for - group. Most of my friends - they’re old - pick cards by the verses or sentiments [yuck]. And then there’s the tightwads who look at the price first.

The GOM wavers between sentiment and cheapness, both if he’s lucky, most of the cards he buys would fall into the ‘lining the cat litter tray’ category - you know the sort, the birthday equivalent of a Christmas card out of a box of 500 for 99p with a picture of a bauble or candle and flimsy enough to blow your nose on it - it’s ok, his feelings are safe, he won’t see this, unless he annoys me and then I’ll make him read it.

Two birthdays ago, he decided in his wisdom that he’d make me a card, this was fine with me, he’s a dab hand at decoupage. It got nearer the date and I asked him if he wanted my crafting stuff. No ... he’d changed his mind, he’d buy me one.

My birthday arrived, there was no card from him, I was upset, being a man he didn’t quite get it. Five minutes later he was at my side with the card he’d made for me the year before, he’d cobbled an envelope together out of one of his bookies statements and lots of sticky tape. I glared at him - he went and bought me a card.

He bought me a Christmas card last year [we don't usually bother], I wish he hadn’t, I’m not sure how I’d categorize it but I did tell him that if he ever bought me another card - at any time with ‘To My Partner’ on it I’d stuff it - glitter, ribbons and all up his a**e …

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