Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Things Must Be Moving

We had an unbelievably quiet evening regards PMB Pallet Express, of course my grumpy old man issued one of his usual statements that perhaps they’ve ‘left the building’. We should be so lucky.
After our strangely quiet [and irritating - nothing to moan about] evening we went to bed and I read for a while as is my wont [Barry Trotter and the shameless parody]. PMB didn’t start being noisy at 12.30 nor again at 1.35 [I woke up then because I'm so used to being woken by them around this time].

3.36am - brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm [forklift going a long way], then again at 5.25. Oh bugger, they’re still here. My latest theory is that they’ve half-flitted so not having any more deliveries but are still distributing from here - well they’ve got to go sometime, somehow. This theory will undoubtedly be proved wrong tonight.
The latest rumour is that the buildings have got to be empty by the end of this month, not March as I said the other day. But - ahem, that rumour is from HH themselves [as well as the one about them going completely and not having a workshop and offices here] so it can't be true.

Just had it confirmed [4.30pm] that the above rumour about HH buildings being emptied by the end of this month is rubbish - as I thought. I'm reserving judgement on the rumour about HH leaving completely, I like that one too much to let go.
This morning a man wearing an ‘rg group’ jacket was taking photo’s of the Heanor Haulage buildings on Bridge Street before going up the bridge. I’ve checked who they are - yes I am nosy - and they specialise in retail construction - with Asda being one of their ‘blue chip’ clients. I didn’t even have to do my best Miss Marple impression to work out that they may in fact be going to build our new Asda - and this theory may be proved wrong at a later date …

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