Sunday, 31 January 2010

Heanor Tyres Has Left The Building

Sorry about the poor quality photo, I was using the MWg zinc ii - not known for its photographic qualities.

I know a lot of my friends were interested to know where Heanor Tyres were going as they use their services.

Being a lovely grumpy person in a fairly good mood - PMB Pallet Express don't keep me awake at the weekend - I thought I’d tell anyone who's interested. As you can see they haven't gone far. Boundary Lane is just before you get to the petrol station.

I wish them good luck in their new place - yes I am being sincere, my problem has never been with them because I'm a NIMBY and a NIMFY and Heanor Tyres were neither in my back or front yard - unlike some real pains in the a**e ...


  1. Hello Grumpess

    Tis I, Taverna Ted, remember me from last year? Don't you go on a bit, how does Mr Grump survive all the crap you dish out? Maybe he switches his hearing off if he possesses an atom of sanity, who could blame him for doing just that and cowering into a silent world cut off from the insessant chants of HRH. Hope he doesn't take offence and falls on his sword, me in a similar situation would have had a quick screw up Monkey Puzzle and then sucummed to the wrath of the Orient Express as it sped on it's way northwards into the distance leaving my tangled body on the track to be picked over by those bloody foxes. Look Grumpess this is the first time I have logged on to you since I posted my last thoughts of TT way back last Dec, I havn't read you all yet, must go on a sicky for a week and bring myself uptodate, the reason why I put these few lines together is to advise you that I took out a Patent on the handle I so time consumably mulled over and I see you have adopted "The Grumpess" as part of your handle, and so alas my dearest Grumpess expect to hear from my lawyers. Good of you to let people know where Heanor Tyres are moving to, but where is the repair garage bloke going to hang out, I, like yourself Lady Grumpess, also use their services. you could say HH will soon be "way the lads" but in a way a part of them will still be around, thank God for that you may say, where one door closes another opens, I can see poor old Bob being in for a rough ride in the future, go easy on the lad, he has a heart bigger than your mouth if that's possible

    Best regards to you old Grumpess and my commisserations to Mr Grump.

    Taverna Ted x


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