Thursday, 28 January 2010


I've not got much to say today as I'm just sooooo tired. The t*****s in Heanor Haulage's buildings even managed to wake the grumpy old man last night - without me poking him in the ribs and saying 'they're working again'.

It's not just the waking us to listen to them for half an hour at a time, it's the other two hours I'm still awake after they're done just hoping to get back to sleep before they start again. I'll be so glad when they've gone, then I promise I'll find something else to moan about, I'll have to because this diary is getting to be the same every day, it's even boring me ...
  1. PMB woke me at 12.38
  2. PMB woke me at 1.42
  3. PMB woke me at 3.36
  4. PMB woke me at 5.25
  5. PMB woke me at 8.20 - Yes I know I should be wide awake, alert and bouncing out of my bed ready to work but I'm so tired by now that I just want to sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Now which cupboard did I put my petrol bombs in? ...


  1. Just go and give Maggie and Paul a punch in the fizzog. That should sort it out.


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