Sunday, 24 January 2010

Just Plain Daft

A really weird thing happened this morning, a man arrived at the top of Bridge Street with a cherry picker to repair Heanor Haulages tin roof. Of course my neighbours had to move their cars for him to get to the building.
Mr HH still has these things done on Sundays when we [mistakenly] think we’re entitled to a bit of peace.

A while back, when his tenants in that particular building were Insight Windows - the owners of the very loud but tinny radio that was on all day every day, amplified to astonishing levels by the metal it was surrounded by. I ruined a perfectly good sweeping brush when I phoned and asked them to turn the radio down and they turned it up. I lost my temper and went up the bridge and hit the building with my brush, it broke in three pieces [eventually] and my neighbour hid hers out of my way.

Er where was I? Oh yes - they spent a whole weekend replacing the guttering and ripping sheets of corrugated crap off the roof and replacing them with sheets of corrugated acrylic, presumably to let the light in, they just left the scrap where it fell.

Right, back to today’s moan - up the man went with a new sheet of corrugated whatever metal it is. Just what you need on a Sunday morning after a pleasant late Saturday night at our friends, with a mild but by now, persistent hangover - oh, hang on a minute ... my mistake, the banging wasn’t in my head at all - it was this bloody man with his hammer!

He was suitably interrogated as to what he was doing and why - seeing as the building has to be emptied by the end of March ready for demolition, he just said that it was a storage area and was leaking - well of course it was leaking, how do they think we know how much stuff is still in that building?
  1. It’s the bit we look through out of nosiness.
  2. It’s where I keep threatening to shove my hosepipe when they annoy me at night.
Hmm, do you think maybe it was unwise of me making that last admission? Do you think I care? And anyway our hosepipe doesn’t quite reach - yet …


  1. Works going to start at the end of March? First date I've heard, have you got any other info about what is being done when?

  2. The only things we've heard on the grapevine is that the buildings are to be emptied by the end of March for work to begin in April. Although we suspect that the building I've written about will be demolished later as HH will still be using the yard next to it. The Post Office isn't being demolished until the end of the year. But we've heard nothing official from Asda or the council.


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