Thursday, 20 November 2014

Blue Plates for Little Dinners

A friend on Facebook commented on a photo I shared - of my dinner at Wetherspoons - that blue plates can be used as an appetite suppressant. It must be noted that I rarely manage to eat all my Wetherspoons dinner, even though it's my first meal of the day and I'm proper hungry by the time it arrives around 2.00pm. There's no real problem there though as I have my very own grumpy dustbin with me and he always helps me out.

Of course I had to have a look at these appetite suppressant claims for myself - well I asked Google ... as you do. Hmmmm, It extends far beyond the plates. Decor is involved too.

My dining room is predominantly yellow/gold with only a smattering of blue/green/orange - oops - and my plates are of a similar hue - oops again. I will have to fetch out my royal blue - with gold stars - Christmas table cloth earlier than usual ... that'll be tomorrow then.

McDonalds - aka McCrap - are playing with our noshing senses by using yellow and red lighting. Even I'm not impervious to the warm glow emanating from the McLitter corner of Langley Mill ... no I don't go in and order anything, but I've noticed by the time I get home that I'm actually dribbling ;)

And if you're a fridge raider, it's recommended that you use a blue light in there ... or simply cover the bulb with the blue chocolate wrapper in your hand.

Fortunately I only go in my fridge when it needs filling or emptying, and isn't the sort of place I'd look for a snack ... on the other hand, the inside of my nut cupboard is gleaming white ... and filled with red (chocolate) tins and orange (Jacobs) cracker boxes where my nut stash is held captive ...


  1. "I will have to fetch out my royal blue - with gold stars".
    Oh no Julie.
    Oh no Julie, not blue with gold stars?
    Please don't say this is the parting of friends.
    I'm sorry but anything - blue with gold stars - puts me off my English roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, puts me off grilled gammon with parsley sauce. Black puds, tripe and onions and a thousand other traditional, mouth-watering dishes from our wonderful English Traditional cooking.
    As you know - purple and yellow are the colours of the month for me.
    Watch the news tomorrow!
    Please, please don't tell me you have 'europhile' plates?

    1. Sorry Bernard, with always using my phone for blogging these days, I forget to look for comments.

      The idea is that blue is supposed to put you off your food :P

      But yes, I've got a blue and gold tablecloth, hardly any of which is visible because of the gold place mats - not got them out yet, because even though I make time for a quick blogging/Facebook rant on my phone, I haven't had time to retrieve 12 cartons of Christmas from the attic. I've had so much 'urgent' work to do that I haven't even managed to put everything away from the tin hut yet. I'll just about manage that when it'll be time to get it all out again.


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