Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Charity Phone Calls

I'm afraid the British Red Cross has just lost out on a donation. I've had loads of crap from them through the letter box - odd Christmas cards, couple of robin coasters, a calendar, pen etc - so I was prepared to do my duty of an online donation ... when I was ready.

Yesterday evening I received a  phone call from them virtually demanding £15 a month by direct debit. I told the pushy 'saleswoman' that I already give to charities of my choice and I'm not setting up a direct debit to donate £15 a month to any one charity.

She switched down a notch telling me about how with training, someone had saved the life of a two month old ... this was after the hard sell of Ebola. And would I donate a little less than £15 a month. I just said "goodbye".

I already give £15 by direct debit to various charities every month and usually - if I'm feeling flush or a particular sad Sri Lankan dog or cat needs my pennies - I donate £20 to Dogstar. I WON'T be made to feel guilty by cold callers and their hard sell methods.

So British Red Cross - you're getting bugger all now. I've now given your prospective share to Dogstar Foundation!

Anyway I think charities have had quite enough out of me lately. I regularly send lots of clothes to their shops. And they've done especially well this week because some dope took the wrong bags - I was swapping summer for winter clothes in my wardrobe - I could hardly sleep last night after going in the shop yesterday and spotting some of my clothes, although I didn't see my lovely brand new skirt with the £39.50 price tag still on it! ...

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  1. “A grandfather who spent almost 20 years volunteering for the Red Cross has been dropped by the organisation for opposing same-sex marriage.
    Bryan Barkley held a sign which read “No Same Sex Marriage” and “No Redefinition of Marriage” on the first day same-sex marriages took place in England.
    In August, Mr Barkley was told of the decision to withdraw his “opportunity to volunteer with the British Red Cross permanently and with immediate effect”.
    More here -
    When I read this, I thought right - no more.
    I too have only this morning received the ‘Christmas pack’ and the whole lot went in the re-cycle box. I actually gave up on the Red X years ago when they banned ’Christmas Crib scenes in their shop windows.
    I now give to local charities - except - Macmillan Cancer Care.
    A couple of weeks ago I collected £391 for Macmillan (a record amount by the way) grinding the old organ at Cookham Regatta and Amersham Heritage Day. I feel I’ve done my bit this year.
    Woops! My first comment seems to have disappeared!


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