Saturday, 29 November 2014

Heanor Haulage STILL Here ... and Asda's Extension

Fed up, hardly slept last night - Mr Grumpy gave in and got up before 4.00am - and H-effin-H have been here since before 8.00am with their crane and railway tracks ... again.

Along with Asda's chuffin deliveries and extension being built - and their appalling night time customers and twatting revving up car park racers - I'm ready to go live in a tent somewhere up a mountain ... as long as it's got central heating and a big bath.

Gawd knows what it'll be like when they start clearing up Heanor Haulage's crap and building the new 'dwellings' and access to them. And we still don't know what is going to happen to the HH land on the front.

Hopefully whatever they do, will be done next summer when we can escape, too bad for the other Bridge Street residents ...

On a happier note - for Langley Mill - after the success of the summer festival on Cromford Road, they're holding something similar - Cromford Road Christmas Festival - on Saturday 6th December when the road is closed between 4-9pm. I look forward to it ...


  1. Yes the September Festival was very popular and blessed with perfect weather, let's hope the 6th of December is just as lucky and even bigger and better that the last, fingers crossed !


    1. I think I'll miss the beginning - and I've to remind grumpy to park at Asda in the early afternoon, or he won't be able to pick me up when I need him - but I'm really looking forward to it. It's what Langley Mill has been short of the last few years :)

  2. I'm so glad to hear it is called a Christmas Festival and not one of these meaningless 'Winterval Celebrations'. The latest craze I believe is to have a 'Festival of Lights'.
    I hope you enjoy the evening.
    I've been invited to play carols at several local do's, but as age takes its toll, I find I can no longer stand around for three or four hours in the cold.
    B x


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