Thursday, 27 November 2014

Black Friday in Middle England

Can anyone explain why nearly every email I'm getting this week is offering me 'Black Friday' DAILY deals?? I thought for Black Friday we had to have thanksgiving first.

And seeing as we're NOT having thanksgiving - being English (ok, British) last time I checked - I have to wonder why this is yet another commercial bandwagon we've jumped on.

And I've checked the 'deals' I'm interested in and they're the same price as last time I looked. With the quoted pre-sale price being a week in the middle of summer when I wouldn't have bought any of the items anyway ... I do believe I'm having a déjà vu moment ...


  1. Yet another crap idea to come over from America !


    1. Some very poor security by some Supermarkets by what I saw on the TV yesterday, hope that lessons are learnt for next time, when all this madness happens again !


  2. Saw on the news that we have Amazon and Walmart to thank for bringing this mayhem to our Stores, I might have guessed !



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