Monday, 16 December 2013

Asda Langley Mill Christmas Opening Hours 2013

Sun 15th Dec: 10am - 4pm
Mon 16th Dec: Opens at 7am
Tue 17th Dec: 24 hours
Wed 18th Dec: 24 hours
Thu 19th Dec: 24 hours
Fri 20th Dec: 24 hours
Sat 21st Dec: Closes at 11pm
Sun 22nd Dec: 10am - 4pm
Mon 23rd Dec: Opens at Midnight
Christmas Eve: Closes at 7pm
Christmas Day: Closed
Boxing Day: 9am - 6pm
Fri 27th Dec: Opens at 8am
Sat 28th Dec: Closes at 10pm
Sun 29th Dec: 10am - 4pm
Mon 30th Dec: Opens at 8am
New Year's Eve: Closes at 7pm
New Year's Day: 10am - 4pm
Thu 2nd Jan: Opens at 8am
Fri 3rd Jan: 24 hours

I'll do the post office opening hours as soon as I find out what they are ...


  1. Well, I read this bit several times and I couldn't find anything funny about it - so I ticked the 'interesting' box. :)
    It never ceases to amaze me how much 'opening time' we have these days.
    No shop wants to open later or close earlier than their rival for fear of loss of a 'few bob'. All this spending at Christmas actually leaves me quite sad. We never used to do it. The shops will be closed for one day and trolleys are loaded high with food for a fortnight.
    I don't know if I'm a bit early - but - Merry Christmas and a slimline New Year.
    B xx

    1. Oops, sorry Bernard, I missed your comment. I only copied and pasted the Asda opening hours because people were looking for them ... they were broken into Christmas day, serves them right for closing ;)

      All will be revealed in my next post why I was too busy to see your comment.

      Hope you had a lovely Christmas and you too have a slimmer new year ... I appear to have gained a few pounds this last week, I've no idea how that happened.

      Julie xx

  2. Now you can say what you like about your council, providing it is true of course, :)
    "Just yesterday, the Local Audit and Accountability Act was passed into law. It gives citizens the right to blog, tweet and make recordings at local council meetings. The Government only made this move after this TPA report by Andrew Allison exposed his local authority, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, as the most secretive in his region. Until now, residents were not allowed to record, Tweet or otherwise comment on the meeting via the internet. Not any more: from now on, all citizen journalists and bloggers have the law on their side. Here’s to another TaxPayers’ Alliance victory!"
    Just thought you might be interested?
    Take care, cheers, Bernard. xx

    1. Hi Bernard, as far as I can remember we've been able to twitter and blog from our council meetings (Amber Valley Borough Council) for a few years now. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong :)

      Julie xx


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