Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Normal Grumpiness Will Resume ... One Day

You'll have to excuse the total lack of blog posts lately. I have got several in the pipeline but I can't quite bring myself to complete any.

The reason being is that my mum died in December - just one day before her 75th birthday - and it was my dad's funeral yesterday - he was 75 - so my heart just isn't in it ...


  1. This news has left me speechless to say nothing of a feeling of sorrow.
    To lose two loved ones in such a short time must be devastating. I'm so sorry.
    Hugs Bernard.
    Don't worry about Blogging - do what I've done and have a rest for a bit.

    1. Thanks Bernard,
      the last couple of months can't be described as the best fun I've had, but I'm sure there are others who've gone through much worse.

      I'm sure to bounce back soon, but at the minute - because I've done all I need to do regards my dad - I feel that I'm at a loose end, when in actual fact I've got lots to do but don't want to do them (mundane day to day stuff).

      I need to 'get my finger out' and get on.

      Julie xx

    2. So sorry to read of your double loss in such a short space of time, time to remember the good times they both brought you !



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