Monday, 12 May 2014

Proper Grumpiness Has Resumed

Righto, I'm back!

I think we've all had enough of my diet/lifestyle to last us a lifetime, I only kept it up because I did get - and still have - a lot of world wide interest in the whole idea of intermittent fasting blah blah blah, but I'm done with that - not doing it, just writing about it - we've both got to our target weights and are maintaining with a variety of methods, the latest of which is 18:6 ... which just means we fast for 18 hours, skip breakfast every day, eat during the next 6 hours and then don't snack in the evening ... except once a week or I'd be chucking my toys out the pram and spitting my dummy out.

Anyhooo, I want to get back to my occasional DIARY, which is sometimes grumpy and sometimes funny. This will keep me out of too much mischief and lets me get things out of my system ... and if I can entertain anyone with what me and Mr Grumpy get up to  over the week then that's a bonus :)


Saturday 3rd May - and I'm trying to decide on how to gain more storage at the tin hut.

Doing vitally important work in the spare bedroom and someone has nicked my tape measure. How am I supposed to work out how much HE needs to saw off?

Still undecided on what to do. But I think I've got 3 more inches than I strictly need. Being cunning I can still have lots of beds but not necessarily in the same rooms.

Getting fed up now and am in danger of going to hide in my bed ... except it's buried under mattresses and stuff.

Oddjob is no help whatsoever, he just says "whatever you want" ... Ooooh that's dangerous, cos I wants a noo caravan. He may regret that throwaway statement.

I eventually found where HE'D left my tape measure when I moved some bedding in the dining room and it fell on the floor.

Anyhoo, I ended up lying on the mattresses on the floor - as you do - told himself about the 3 inches I want removing from the bed bases ... hmmmm, I'd better actually mark them because my 3" will end up being at least 5" the way he measures.

 Sunday 4th May Sunbathing.

Sat outside under the lovely sunshine. Note to self ... mow the legs before I get them out again.

I was wandering why I was struggling to walk against the breeze, then realised my hairy legs are NOT exactly aerodynamic.

Later -  Ahem, another note to self ... WEAR GLASSES WHEN MOWING LEGS!

I've no longer got two forests but I am sporting a couple of copses on my left leg where I missed. Gawd knows what my pits look like.

That same night

Hmmm, just found himself fighting to open a bottle of bleach. I had to show him how to do it.

I - being me - pointed out that he can't possibly use bleach very often if the 'child proof' top has him baffled.

"No, I don't", sez he, "but I thought I'd clean YOUR sink FOR YOU, now I've washed YOUR pots" ... bless him.

Wednesday 7th May.

You know you're confused - possibly by hunger - when you put your oven gloves on to get something out of the fridge ... just as well I remembered them a few minutes later when I started faffing about in the oven.

Later - That moment when you know you married a barmpot - ok, let's be honest here, there's been lots of these moments so far ...

Watching a recorded episode of Mrs Brown's Boys - last episode I think - they're singing 'Grease Lightning', my grumpy old man is singing 'Street Lighting' ...


  1. ".....skip breakfast every day....."
    Now - I've been reading (as I do, no action mind you.) that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Something about 'blood sugar levels' whatever they are and all sorts of other positive things. So I have taken up 'having my oats' in the morning rather than fighting half a grapefruit or a slab of dry toast. You see, as kids we always had porridge to send us on our way to school, but it was always helped on its way down with a dollop of jam!
    These days there is no jam and even so I must admit I don‘t count the calories - but what the hell, I feel much better for it. Toss a caber I could! (Do you remember that picture on Scott’s Porridge?)
    It seems to me, commonsense to get a bit of nutrition inside you first thing in the morning to set you up for the day. My biggest sin is having my main meal in the evening. It’s a left over from when I worked all day up in London, and now retired it‘s a struggle to change.
    Here I am, (this evening being no exception), shovelling calories into myself at a time when my body doesn’t need it. ‘After dinner rest a while - after supper run a mile’ the old saying used to go. The way I feel at the moment, I couldn’t even run a bath!
    So there I am - one ounce down, three hundred and sixty to go!
    You two have done so well. I’m green with envy.
    Now on the subject of ‘man-child-proof’ caps, I get round this by replacing them straight away with normal screw tops. I collect plastic tops of milk cartons, slim-line lo-calorie tonic water bottles and so on and so on. Not hundreds you understand, just a few assorted sizes. There are not that many different screw threads and one is bound to fit. I got a bit stuck with a Listerine bottle the other day though and just cut the ‘pips’ orf with a sharp knife. No one gets the better of me!

    1. Hello Bernard,

      having read many years ago - repetitively - that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I went ahead, had breakfast and got fatter and fatter.

      Apparently after we've finished growing we no longer NEED breakfast, this is just a myth perpetuated by the cereal companies, using some skewift results from ancient studies.

      This makes interesting reading - - and there's loads more on the subject.

      We have our best energy levels in the mornings and so go for long walks - if I'm not busy - before we break our fast, we just make sure we've got a drink with us.

      And having our biggest meal in the evening is when it's natural to me, as long as it's at least 3 hours before we go to bed.

      A friend of ours came to stay last week, she asked if she could have a go at what we were doing as she's quite overweight. she lost 2lbs between Weds and Sun and is thrilled it's so easy and simple - and no calorie counting. She's carried it on now she's back home and is still steadily losing weight.

      We just wished we'd found out about it before and not believed everything we were told about breakfast .

      Julie xx


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