Saturday, 3 September 2016

Railway Sidings Application Withdrawn.

I received an email from AVBC one night last week telling me that the application had been withdrawn. Nothing to get too excited about though as they've still got permission to build rabbit hutches dwellings behind us ... and they'll probably submit a similar application later

I'd have written about it sooner but I received the email the same day our beloved Daewoo Matiz broke down for the final time - that's another blog post waiting in drafts - and it's been a busy week with lots more pressing things on my mind ... OK, I forgot all about it until I checked my statcounter and noticed DEFRA had visited a couple of times lately and wondered why. Actually they'd been looking at the temporary car wash post. The same car wash that's becoming ever more permanent ... but I digress.

Reference: AVA/2014/0790
Proposal: Outline application for residential development with access into the site unreserved. All other matters reserved.

Location: Former Exchange Sidings Bridge Street Langley Mill Derbyshire
Applicant Name: Heanor Haulage Company Ltd And HHLM Pension Scheme

This application has been withdrawn. There will be no further action on it and the file will be closed. We will however keep a record of people who have commented so that they can be contacted again.
The application was withdrawn at the request of the applicant/agent to enable the proposals to be reconsidered.

A similar application may be re-submitted at a later date. If so we will write to tell anyone who has shown an interest so that further comments can be made.


  1. Hello Julie, how are you theses days?
    Do you know - I didn't realise that Langley Mill was in Derbyshire. I thought you lived in Nottinghamshire. I've been camping up in Derbyshire twice this year. In May I was camped up at Moira (of Furnace Fame) and only a couple of weeks ago I was in a field near Matlock.
    I went there for a ride on Peak Rail and also came across a Tram Museum. I'm really getting into this motor-homing lark. The only downside is I have had to give up drink (alcoholic type). Mind you this has had a benefit - I've lost over a stone in weight.
    Good to see you are one of the few bloggers I knew that are still soldiering on.
    All the best

  2. Hello Bernard, nice to hear from you. I know I've got your email address, but I'm rubbish at writing to anyone.

    Yes, Langley Mill is just in Derbyshire, but we're only there for a few odd days through spring/summer until November when the 'holiday park' - aka Tinhutsville - closes for the winter.

    We go to Matlock regularly when we're at home in the winter months, it's a lovely little town.

    I don't do much blogging, well certainly nothing new, it's almost always something rehashed from what I write on Facebook ... where Mr Grumpy is known as Oddjob. He keeps everyone entertained there.

    Are you on Facebook? I could search for you if you are, or you could find me ... I'm Joolz, rather than Julie there.

    Anyway, take care.

    Julie xx

  3. I'm not surprised that the Application has been withdrawn, I'm waiting to see how quick the houses that have been built on BOTH of the former Chris Roads sites are sold.

    Maybe it will be a repeat of those that were built on the old Royal Mail sorting office on Mansfield Road and finally taken over by Futures Homes, could that be the same fate to those on Station Road ?



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