Friday, 4 June 2010

Noisy Gits!

BUMP ...BUMP ... BUMP on and on and on ...

The Asda building site - you probably assume I'm moaning about - not a bit of it, it's 'them noisy buggers t'over railway lines' on Bourne Drive [off North Street]. They're on their second phase of building and don't we all know about it. Even the grumpy old man is moaning about the noise and he's somewhat deaf.

Obviously it must be some cheap tin-pot construction company building over there ... rather than the infinitely superior - considerate to residents - RG Group who are building Asda ... hmm, don't get too comfy and complacent with this positively glowing reference, it is subject to change at any moment ...


  1. Hi Julie,

    I stumbled upon your blog when I was trying to find out which council to complain to about the traffic lights in Langley Mill! Not only do I have to endure travelling on the M1 (I like to refer to it as 'the death road') to Leicester to work everyday from Heanor, but now I also have to put up with the absolute mayhem at Langley Mill, just when I think i've hit the home straight!

    Your blog really cheered me up & made me realise that i'm not the only one that is being made miserable by the dispruption. So as perverse as it is to admit, your grumpiness has made me a bit happier about the situation!

    I look forward to seeing further updates!


  2. Hi Jo,

    Thanks for your comment.

    I'm pleased that I've inadvertantly cheered you up, the reason I write my blog is to cheer me up! It's my way of getting things off my chest [and to amuse my friends].

    I don't envy you your journey to and from work but at least there will eventually be an improvement on the Langley Mill stretch with the added bonus of an Asda [I keep telling myself this!!].

    Severn Trent dug us a big hole yesterday near the top of Bridge Street, with a couple of hours without water for the top 5 houses, plus as an added bonus they'd got a generator going 24 hours a day straight over the hoarding - If you were cheered up before, you should be ecstatic by now! LOL

    You're welcome to comment any time on my blog and I'm sure to be grumpy in the near future.



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