Thursday, 24 June 2010

Moaning About Parking

There are certain people on Bridge Street who are moaning about us parking in the turny roundy bit at the top. Believe me it's no fun parking up there, it's absolutely filthy. And when it rains you need wellies just to get to and from the car. But this problem can soon be rectified by us parking outside their houses and letting them struggle for a parking space.

The turnaround was made big enough for us to park in because we had nowhere else to go once the top of the street was opened up for it. I do see their problem though, they were expecting to whizz around in one go - tut, shame - try doing a three point turn like everyone else.

I suggest that if they don't like it, go and see the site manager who said it was ok to park there as long as we left room for cars to turn around - and this we've done ...

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