Thursday, 11 November 2010

Peace And Quiet?

People keep saying ... 'Oooh, I bet it's lovely and quiet now Asda is done' or words in a similar vein ... IS IT BO****KS!!! And to prevent any poor bugger who asks me yet again from getting their head bitten off, I will explain what life is like now Asda has left us in peace.

There is the constant bleep-bloody-bleep of the bulldozer flattening trees and spreading Asda's excavated muck by the railway lines. There's the noise from two lorries whizzing [one much faster than the other, this driver must be a certified lunatic] across the FOOTPATH at the top of Bridge Street, around the back of our houses onto Heanor Haulage land to fetch the aforementioned muck. Plus the digger filling the lorries.

Then there's the resident roadsweeper ... up and down, up and down the back of Asda to stop the muck getting beyond Wesley Street. Unfortunately this roadsweeper doesn't clean the quagmire at the bottom of the ramp or the bit of footpath that the lorries are churning up. May I remind them here AGAIN!!!!! That it's a public footpath they're crossing at speed - not a construction site with attendant security/watchman on duty!

Oddly enough - and I don't know why, maybe a bit of a dispute or strike - but yesterday morning was peaceful until 10.56am. The four men were standing around with hands in pockets or poking about among the scrap. Even the roadsweeper sat idly with his engine running for three hours of inactivity, until a car came racing around the back and they all dashed to their respective vehicles, whereupon work started [damn] ... Oh how I relish those three hours of peace.

And now I've discovered why everything sounds extra noisy even with the bedroom window shut. This morning my curtains were billowing wildly plus the wind chime was jingling and I thought ...  'Well that's a bit odd'. Hmm, not as odd as you'd think, there's a crack in the wall all around the window where the weather and the noise is coming through and the wall has just crumbled near the sill.

The blackout blind had already been put up by the grumpy old man, but that's driving me potty because the bottom is rattling against the window frame in the breeze.

This crack in the wall must have happened when RG Group broke up the concrete in front of us - they didn't use a pneumatic drill to break this thick concrete, they hit it repeatedly with a digger scoop for over an hour [August 13th] until my fillings were rattling in my head and the cat went into hiding.

Oh chuffing heck! Bits of the bloody roof are dropping off now with the first real wind of the season ...

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