Monday, 8 November 2010

I Love Tesco

I was woken by my new favourite swearword [Asda] at 5.38 this morning by a delivery lorry - and this was with the window shut, I couldn't breathe, I'm all bunged up from lack of air - who cares? It just got worse and noisier as the day went on with the Asda muck-mountain being moved from behind us and over to the side of the railway.

  1. Who the hell decided that it would be a good idea to make the lorries sound like a cross between a constipated duck and an angry crow when they're reversing ... again and again and again? 
  2. Is the service yard big enough if they have to take 15 attempts to reverse in?
  3. Wouldn't it have been better to have the service yard the other side of Asda?
  4. I've read that Asda has got to offload 47 Netto stores [office of fair trading decision], Morrisons want some of them, but what about Langley Mill's Netto????
  5. Why is Asda's money being spent on Aldercar recreation park and not Queen Street recreation ground? [or is that to happen later?]
  6. Why am I in such a bad mood? ... Crushed Silver Birches, dead wildlife.
  7. How come the rules for Heanor Haulage's workshop [had it been built] stated that they couldn't start work before 8.00am, yet Asda can wake me at 5.38am - they're lorries ... making noise ... chugging fumes.
We went to Argos for the blackout blind I've had to buy to block out Asda's security and loading dock lights [you owe me £12.99 Asda]. Seeing as we were already at Heanor we went to TESCO - bags of space ... loads of offers ... £10 off voucher [coupon, whatever] ... fast and friendly service ... a breeze to get around - well, it was bound to be really. Langley Mill was still full of people queuing to get into Asda's car park and bogging up the roundabout when we left ...

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