Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Avoid The Path From Pottery Lane To Bridge Street

If you're thinking of walking to that new shop in Langley Mill - or anywhere else for that matter - via the top of Bridge Street ... don't. When I took the above photo, a lady looked over and said that she'd better go a different way. It was a bit late for a lot of people, they'd already committed themselves with the end result being ... YUCK!

It's a disgusting muddy mess at the bottom of the ramp ... never mind the fact that you're likely to get killed by a lorry crossing the path every five minutes taking muck from Heanor Haulage to the old railway sidings to flatten the trees there.

You should see the state of MY trainers now and I didn't go quite as far as the ramp. Get our footpath and your act cleaned up please - whoever is responsible ...

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