Sunday, 14 November 2010

Mini-Toton At Langley Mill

I know our sidings, complete with silver birches are on a much smaller scale than the ones at Toton. But when they bulldozed the trees there everyone seemed to be up in arms about it. Here it's gone relatively unnoticed and unremarked about [except by my friends, the grumpy old man and myself].

Am I to set up a one woman campaign by lying down in front of the bulldozer? I think not, I don't do mud and it's mostly too late. I wonder if anyone has asked the council if it's ok [for whoever now owns that bit of land] to do this tree felling? - by dumping Asda's excavated soil on it. Which is, incidentally [apart from the mountain], still about 2ft-3ft deep, although you can't tell from the photos. So there's still a lot more spreading/compacting/tree felling to do.

I know I used to walk my dog there - and lots of other people did too - until they put up a new fence and notices saying 'Private please keep out'.

At the risk of repeating myself - yet again ... What are the plans for these sidings? I don't know if I'm being thick or blind but I've seen nothing at AVBC except in the 'Scoping Survey Report' done for the Asda/Heanor Haulage plans, with the following quote ... 'The only area with ecological value was found in the area between the railway track and the perimeter wall of the industrial site ... This area is outside the site and walled off from the industrial area and not included in the development plan.

So what are they doing in it? ...

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