Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Sneaking Extra People Into Center Parcs

I have been a bit bemused lately by how many people have looked at my blog searching for 'how to sneak extra people into Center Parcs'.

Here's an interesting idea ... don't do it.

You knew Center Parcs was expensive before you booked your holiday, if your friends can't afford to go, I suggest they go elsewhere. You wouldn't try to smuggle any extra 'guests' onto an aeroplane for a villa holiday abroad.

Nor would anyone in their right mind try to sneak any extras into that compound just up the road from here - Butlitz, Ingoldmells - or would they? The mind boggles at what people expect to get for free these days.

Anyway, I object to the idea that valuable seating - insufficient at times - inside the free dome at Center Parcs may be taken up by non-payers when I'm there. I've got a biggish bum which needs accommodating comfortably when it's not displacing vast quantities of water on the rapids.

I work hard to pay for my holidays, as do most other people. When my work runs short and I can't afford Center Parcs extortionate prices, I don't go.

So pay your way ...


  1. ......when it's not displacing vast quantities of water on the rapids.
    Or having loads of bubbles blown up it!
    (Sorry to lower the tone)
    "I'm forever blowing Bubbles" :)

  2. Ha, ha. I refuse point blank to sing that ... er, I mean ... I don't know the words ;)


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