Thursday, 20 September 2012

Wheelie Tewwific!

At long last Amber Valley Borough Council have been dragged into the 21st century regards our recycling.

They will tell us in jolly tones that they've listened to us - the council tax payers - about the new recycling service we're getting. Nothing to do at all with the current contract being up (same company, new contract) and the realisation that the inept system we've put up with for years was total RUBBISH!

There was a questionnaire/survey a little while ago - I'd have to check my bossy do this questionnaire now tweets and texts to find out when exactly, and I'm not quite bored enough for that - asking us what improvements they could make.

Well obviously what we wanted was to have all our recycling in one wheeled bin and get rid of the two bags for paper and cardboard and the wafer thin, dribbly bottomed, unlidded yellow and orange plastic tubs for the tins and glass ... and we wanted our plastic collected from the kerbside too.

If I remember correctly, there was also mention of garden waste collection that may be implemented next year, but don't rely on me for this information being a done deal.

Anyway, our new grey recycling bins - which include plastic collection - are on their way to us over the next few weeks and we start to use them week beginning 19th November. There is a separate sleeve/caddy doo dah inside for the glass because if it gets mixed in with the other recyclables it'll be considered contaminated and unusable. I don't think it's too much to ask us to use the bin correctly.

Ahem, it's not often I say this - rarer than hens teeth I should think - but, oh, alright if I must ... THANKS Amber Valley Borough Council for finally asking what we want and actually going on to implement it. There, see. That wasn't too difficult and nowhere near as sarcastic as my second paragraph ...


  1. What survey? First I've heard of this. I wonder when AVBC will tell residents about the new service? Six months after it starts?

  2. Ahhh, but you had to look for the survey/questionnaire wheelie, wheelie, wheelie, WHEELIE hard. That's why I sent texts to all my friends with the link to it or it'd have gone unnoticed by even more AVBC residents.

    It's actually on AVBC's website now about the new recycling system I only know because I follow on twitter.

    I suppose residents may receive something from AVBC in writing with the tossed back bags and boxes one recycling day ... or when the new bins arrive ... or as you say six months after the new system starts.

  3. Now then, now then guys & gals keep calm.
    I saw the survey request, thought it was a decent idea.
    Unfortunately I couldn't keep cynicism at bay. One of my inner thoughts were telling me, whatever the outcome of the survey they will do what they want anyway which will be biased to cost. What I don't understand is why is it not possible to have a universal method, seems that different areas do it differently.
    Because it's contracted out to private operators.

    1. Well if it means taking another wheeled bin to the front of the house and back again then I will continue taking ALL my recyclable materials to the ASDA site every couple of days, it's only a few minutes walk away !

      ALI (Gladsone St.)

    2. I only live across the road from Asda - I may have mentioned this before - but if we're paying for a service, then we're going to use it.

      Anyway, grumpy isn't all that keen on risking life and limb getting mown down by speeding shoppers every time he goes to Asda's recycling area.

      And I refuse point blank to walk to it, because I'm a wuss crossing roads. If any car came near me I'd just stand there with my eyes shut ... this obviously makes me invisible and not quite there ;o)

    3. Why are you using the road anyway, much safer to use the pedestrian access by going down the ramp at the side of Wesley Street. Go through the gate at the bottom of the first ramp and this brings you out at the rear of the Petrol Station. Just round the corner are all the recycle units, no risk involved or a car to worry about !

      ALI (Gladstone St.)

    4. Ahem, I wasn't using the road, cos we all know I was only speaking figuratively. I'm not daft enough to go anywhere with our plastic when I've got a grumpy old man for the job.

      I've shown him your comment and he didn't know you could get to the recycling that way, but now he does he'll give it a try ... ta ;-)

    5. Come now Julie, that's no way to treat a loving future hubby? Fancy sending him to do all the dirty work.
      I do recycle where I can, but my view has always been - I am not employed by the council to sort waste. I pay (excessive) Council Tax and it is their job to sort my waste. Or I demand payment for my sorting. (Grumpy - take note.)

    6. Hi Bernard,
      grumpy gets treated okay, he's never had it so good. Of course he gets to do all the dirty work, there have to be some perks to being his future wife ;-)

  4. Got the new recycle bin yesterday, very nice too, it's lovely bin, dark grey, two wheels on the bottom, handle on the top, lid also on the top hinged off the handle, small container fits inside and slides.
    Itching to use it.
    SAD :-(


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