Friday, 8 May 2009

94% of residents support Asda

' 94% of residents are on our side' Asda claim, What a lovely high figure.

I really wonder why they asked our opinions at all, let's face it, it's got to be a foregone conclusion. All Asda had to do was find the grottiest bit of Amber Valley [where they so want to invest] and say "Look how we can improve this!" - as far as I can see an open cess-pit would greatly improve HH's land and the corner of Cromford road, so Asda should be well in with their proposals.

Yep, ever so grumpy today, but that's mainly because they keep persisting in giving the wrong address for Heanor Haulage - Cromford road - it's WESLEY STREET. Is this deliberate so that the only opinions sought after are from the Cromford Road residents? Quote - "people might struggle to sleep" - HOW?? It's nowhere near them. HELLLOOOO ... I'm being kept awake at night now by PMB Pallet Express in HH's crappy buildings!

Are Asda using poetic license describing Heanor Haulage as being in the centre of Langley Mill? Because if it is in the centre, then Langley Mill is very small - am feeling quite pedantic now too.

I now have to worry [as well as the other residents on BRIDGE STREET] whether our houses will actually withstand the demolition of the old buildings. Our houses shake now with Heanor Haulage and their doings. I have thought on several occasions that we'd had a mini-earthquake only to find it was just the crane moving something a few inches, plus there's the added bonus of asbestos roofing having to be removed directly across from us.

Hopefully when the time comes someone will actually get in touch with us and discuss their plans, I'd hate to wake up one morning to find the front of our house had fallen off during demolition and I wasn't wearing big pyjamas - as opposed to my playboy ones ...

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