Thursday, 20 October 2011

My Lips Are Sealed

Well, very nearly sealed.

It has come to my attention that a large piece of junk - namely a long tube thing with windows, doors and big wheels, but doesn't run on the road - has been moved from a certain spot nearby to another spot ... er, nearby. Lovely

Apparently it may be there for some time as the means of shifting it are - at the moment - somewhat, ahem, none existent.

Seeing as enquiries have been made about missing bits and the uniformed enquirers have been made aware of my blog. I thought it'd be best if I said nowt ... hmm.

I do hope that no-one is in any way trying to blame me for having mentioned - in passing - this place with lots of metallic stuff hanging about. Because it's not my fault if some tight-wad won't pay for security, and is then somewhat surprised when some naughty people have popped in and helped themselves ...


  1. The mind boggles!
    Sounds like a railway carriage from the 'Run-a-way' Train. You know? The one that "came over the hill and she blew"!

  2. Yes, but my lips are still sealed ... nearly.

    And ta very much Bernard, because now I'm singing about a chuffing runaway train that blew!

    Damn ...


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