Thursday, 6 October 2011

McDonalds Not In Langley Mill ... Again

I have updated in a previous post that the application to build a McDonalds on CJ Cars was refused planning permission because highways said it wasn't safe  - or words to that effect. I did mention this very fact a while back and it would have saved them a lot of manpower and money if they'd only take notice of me.

I updated an old post rather than write a separate one because I found the information by reading another blog - as it wasn't mentioned at AVBC - so wasn't really my information to share.

However, I notice by search terms being used and the subsequent pages being read, that people are still arriving at my oldest post referring to McDonalds and going no further, therefore missing the latest updates - a woman can get fed-up of linking several posts - so I decided to give in and write this and provide a link to where I originally got my info from.

Now go and look there ...

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