Saturday, 22 January 2011

Pottery Lane And Another Moan About Slurry Corner

Notices went up Thursday morning from Derbyshire County Council to say an application had been received from Aldercar and Langley Mill Parish Council to turn Pottery Lane into a [proper] footpath. We've got until February 23rd to comment or object to it. I can't see that anyone will object, so this should mean it'll be getting tarted and lit up as promised by Asda.

The lady who put up the notices must have been aware of the state of the attractive 'slurry corner' at the top of Bridge Street [as she went that way], and will hopefully have told the council how disgusting it is. The only way she'll have failed to notice it was that the mud was frozen.

Later in the day I watched someone struggle through it with a wheelchair, I've seen other people actually carry their dogs so as not to get their feet mucky. Whoever designed the ramp didn't take into account that mud and water once in there, can't get out.

This mess will stay as it is or even get worse while ever Heanor Haulage continue to bring 5 flatbeds of railway tracks [mostly on concrete sleepers, so not exactly light] and other miscellaneous crap to store for a few days at a time, churning up their land and taking it over the footpath.

Yes, I know it's their land and the current restrictions on what they can do on it are practically zero [and to be honest they're not even annoying me], but something needs improving with their access, it's not exactly safe just opening 3 sets of gates [2 at the footpath] and hoping that no-one walks along the footpath at the same time as they want to cross it ...

UPDATE: Sunday 23rd January
11.20am: Asda sent two men to clear up slurry corner, WELL DONE ASDA ...


  1. Now I believe that Asda made a large donation for the upgrading of the Pottery Lane footpath when the store was granted planning permission.

    We are now entering the twilight months of 2012 and STILL no sign of an ounch of tarmac being deposited on that sorry path.

    Now perhaps some Councillors might think that the peasants of this parish will have short memories and forgot all about the £50K+ that is sitting in some bank account and hoping they could put it to better use elsewhere. Well I have news for them, my memory is a damn site better than that and will be keeping a close eye on what, if anything, happens in the New Year ! ! !

    ALI (Gladstone St)

  2. Pottery Lane is long overdue for tarmac and lighting. I slipped and fell in the dark recently, on the raised sewer cover near the rear of Home Bargains.
    Slurry Corner is partly or wholly caused by the tarmac slopping towards the corner, allowing the mud and water to collect in the corner. If it sloped the other way, it would drain away. It is shoddy workmanship. I wouldn't have paid for it.

  3. Report from page 4 of the January 2012 Parish Magazine :-

    ITEM 2 - Adoption of Pottery Lane as a public footpath (£57,000 allocated)

    a. Pottery Lane has been adopted as a footpath and will be resurfaced.

    b. AVBC will look at the feasibility of including lighting and seats in development.

    c. It is anticipated work will commence in the second quater of 2012.

    NOTE: the TOTAL gifted by Asda of £57,000 has yet to be spent, this is from a Report of a Meeting of Connecting Communities on TUESDAY, 29th November 2011 ! ! !

    Hopefully we ALL anticipate something being done in 2013 ! ! !

    ALI (Gladstone St.)


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