Wednesday, 26 January 2011

McDonalds In Langley Mill

Plans have just been submitted to AVBC for a fast food outlet at a former second hand car dealer site - 206 Station Road, Langley Mill. Although I say just, the application was registered on 24th January 2011, but dated 2010 - as can been seen by the application number [so must have been in the pipeline for a little while]. No, I'm not suggesting it was a BIG secret - seeing as it was already suspected by most people I know.

This proposal is for the land where CJ Car Sales was, on the new Asda roundabout. And no this isn't a rumour [this time], the application can be found at AVBC:

Planning Application AVA/2010/1227 - 206 Station Road Langley Mill Derbyshire NG16 4AE - a decision is expected on 21st March.

This should be an interesting addition to the already inadequate - and somewhat speedy [30mph ... my a**e] - Asda roundabout ...

Update 16th March: The application was withdrawn

Update 1st June: The application was resubmitted and subsequently refused planning permission


  1. Hi

    just a quick update, but the planning application for McDonalds on the proposed site on the roundabout was actually refused in late summer...

    find out more at


  2. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for the info which I found last month and updated on my post ... ...

    You'd have thought they'd have told me wouldn't you? Tut tut ...


  3. ahh, sorry, I must have missed the update :-) Keep up the good work - I'm loving reading your bog.

  4. Calling it a bog - although fairly accurate - must qualify as a strange sort of compliment ... lol.

  5. why was it dismissed as KFC is not that far away, it's seems a little unfair oh also in alfreton KFC and McDONALDS are neighbours

  6. In answer to Anonymous,

    Either you're the saddest person in the universe or you come from the planet 'Junk Food' ... searching for 'mcdonalds planning permission at langley mill' on Hogswatch/Christmas day.

    You must know something we don't as I've seen no mention of McDonalds not getting their plans passed because of the proximity of KFC.

    In fact I'm almost certain that if, or when they come up with plans that Highways are happy with, then Langley Mill WILL get a McDonalds.

    And if McDonalds had not changed their minds in 2002, then it would be standing where KFC now is.

    At the moment, safety on that crappy Asda roundabout is an issue. The latest drawings received this month make your hair curl - because they think that pedestrians can safely cross the road from the corner where 'The Mill' pub stands. There are other interesting updates [dated June 2011] but they've obviously never stood at that roundabout watching loonies drive around it ...


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