Thursday, 7 October 2010

Banking In Langley Mill?

I have read that Santander would like to open a branch in one of Asda's units. I hope this gets approval because I happen to know some crumblies who have to go to Derby every time they want to do a bit of banking.

I also happen to know a much closer and grumpier crumbly who is sophisticated enough to do telephone banking with a couple of his accounts. This was a real treat when listening to the 'password' bit of the conversation:

'The third character, hmm ... is it *? Oh good.'
'The eighth one!! ... Er, I've only got five, are you sure I've got eight?'
'Can't you ask me the next question instead?'
'Can't you give me a clue?'
'Oh does *** come at the end?'
'Well it'll be *.'

Shortly after witnessing this one sided conversation I upgraded him to online banking where I'm in control - with my moderately younger memory - of all the letters and numbers.

Oh bugger it! I've just tried to log onto his ******* account in a smug-show-offy-I-do-online-banking-you're-a-div-if-you-don't kind of way, and now I've remembered that last time I logged on, WE had to create another memorable bit after the password - yeah, I've forgotten it ...

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