Wednesday, 6 October 2010

More Heaps And Bleeps

Ooooooh, it's getting exciting now! The hoarding has been coming down on Bridge Street the last couple of days, new fencing has gone up and there have been numerous deliveries of soil all day - very noisy with lorries bleep bleep bleeping! I suppose it couldn't be helped though and the drivers always gave way to residents wanting to get past.

I can't wait for my huge tree to arrive to block my view of everything [that was a dream I had - I can't help my dreams]. The landscaping should be properly under way soon, with lots of green stuff for us to look at instead of the truly awful view we had.

Well, it's beginning to look like the end of the disruption to Bridge Street residents is in sight and we'll be left in peace at last, I won't have anything left to moan about.

What's that you say? Asda will be open soon with people shopping and deliveries being made all hours of the day [tut]. Then of course [lucky us] we'll have the noise of all sixty new peasant boxes affordable houses being built behind us - hmm, we'll see ...

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