Saturday, 9 October 2010

New Housing On Cromford Road

As per usual, I've been nosily looking at [AVBC] plans for our area just in case there's summat worth moaning about. I noticed one plan for up to 76 lodges plus two carp lakes behind Stoneyford Lodge, then I came across another that I thought had already been passed.

I soon realised it was yet another amendment [Variation of unilateral undertaking] to something no-one wanted in the first place. Oh yes, I can definitely feel a whinge coming on [of course in the meantime I've since read another interesting and far superior blog on the same subject but I won't let that put me off].

Over the last few years estates have sprouted up on all our green bits - the new housing on North Street is ok as it was mostly replacing Aristoc. But the estate at Langley really peeved me at the time as I then lived nearby - a bit of it was land previously owned by Heanor Haulage [yes, the same Heanor Haulage that sold the land for our new Asda in front of us], but the rest of it was fields. To be extra annoying they cut our road [Laceyfields Road] into four bits so the new estate had priority, oh yes, and they completely arsed up the bit of road near the school.

I can't really see how we can keep having more and more houses being built, but no new schools, doctors or amenities etc. to keep up with them. There are now no spaces between our towns and villages in the surrounding area - you can tell this while travelling as the speed limit is always 30mph meaning it's a built up area - making us one vast sprawl rather than the proper communities we used to be.

The Post Office already got rid of place names like Marlpool and Langley years ago, telling us that we lived in Heanor. It was like being told I'm British and not English so I was always one of those people that insisted on keeping Langley in my address whether the post office liked it or not. Gosh, I thought my grumpydom was more recent than that.

Anyway, where was I? Tut, this was only going to be two chuffing paragraphs when I started, I've got sidetracked again. Ah, yes, on to my newest moan:

Talk about cheap, nasty and GREEDY! Miller Homes who have already had their highly controversial plan passed for 109 houses - to be built on one of our few remaining green bits in Langley Mill - against our community's wishes, now want to renege on the deal with the council. Specifically, the amount of affordable boxes homes. They now want to build 6 instead of 30. They also want to reduce the bribe S106 monies agreed to. Presumably this poor company is now bleating about their profits not being big enough. Ahh, shame.

Well here's an interesting suggestion Miller Homes - bog off and build your houses elsewhere ...

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