Monday, 25 October 2010

Tesco Generosity And A Conundrum

Thanks Tesco for your very generous £10 off coupons, most people I know only got £6 off. Even better, you sent both the grumpy old man and myself the same letter, so two lots, unfortunately as I was in exile at Skegness with my cat for the last two months we missed the first week.

These coupons, ostensibly, are to celebrate the revamp of our local Tesco in Heanor ... nothing at all then to do with the fact that Asda in Langley Mill - with our own little path from Bridge Street - is nearly open ... No? OK. Well whatever the reason, thanks for these lovely coupons - ARE YOU TAKING NOTE ASDA??? I can be bought! - we'll be up to whizz around Tesco with a trolly and calculator each [well I don't want to accidentally spend £29.95 and himself £30.05].

Now Asda, you seem to have sparked a mini-debate amongst my friends on seasons. You advertise your Langley Mill store opening as the 'Winter Opening' on November 8th. I've asked one or two intelligent people who surprised me by agreeing with you, that November is indeed a winter month.

As far as I was aware - obviously making me less intelligent than I thought I was, but I can live with this ... just - November in England has always been firmly lodged in Autumn, at least it has in my lifetime. This is something I knew from an early age because I wanted my birthday to be in winter - I can't help it, I love snow and sparkly frost; even now - and I was told by someone nasty [my mother] that it wasn't.

As I grew up [a couple of years ago] I understood there to be two recognized dates for the start of winter here. There’s the astronomical start on the 21st/22nd December [the date I adhere to] and the meteorological start on the 1st December and now we have the Asda [or even Celtic] start to winter on 1st November.

Anyone who wants to join in this debate please feel free to leave a comment, I won't be at all offended by anyone disagreeing with me as my childhood wish of being a winter baby will be fulfilled.

Umm, Am I being boring? Yes, I thought so.

OK, back to the real world - there are now men high up on a 'cherry picker' sticking green 'ASDA' letters and a red blob with 24 hours cut out around the back of the building, I think there may probably be more of these cheapo signs to come. Presumably this is in case we're all unaware that Asda is there or maybe they're trying to attract passing custom as the trains go by, hmm, well it's a thought.

Soil is being turned over across the road as I type and there are lots of plants with a few diddy trees, apparently the larger specimens are due this week. I await their arrival with bated breath, you know I absolutely adore trees.

What the chuff is that!!?? It's 7.35pm and some pillocks are grinding/cutting something noisily with sparks flying everywhere, straight across from us on Heanor Haulages bit! Bog off back into Asda to do it. And why do the workmen do everything in reverse? Can't they drive their diggers/lorries etc forwards? It's bleep-bloody-bleep all the time - moan, whinge. And my front windows are FILTHY, it looks like they've had wet sand sprayed on them, I'll have to put my nets back up to hide the muck at this rate, which is not conducive to my nosiness  - tut, I've only been back a day ...

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