Thursday, 23 December 2010

Check Your Receipt

Now you may think I'm nit-picking with that new shop over t'way - trust me I'm not, I'm quite impressed so far - but if you don't already check your till receipts then I think you should certainly check the ones you get from there.

It may just be teething problems, but my neighbour has had to go back four times having been overcharged, usually on buy 2 for ** offers or 'rollback' prices. We've had three discrepancies so far, the last one being just 19p so I didn't send grumpy back. Although, thinking about it, if they overcharged everyone by just 19p they would soon be quids in.

Asda, I think you may soon need 'trolley police', this morning there was one of your trolleys the other side of Queen Street recreation ground near Argyle Street, and this afternoon while I was waving the GOM off on one of his 'Santa' trips, a woman went slithering and sliding up the ramp to Pottery Lane. She was met there by a man on a bicycle who promptly took the crappy Asda bags off her trolley and transferred them to his superior Tesco bags. He then rode off with the shopping abandoning the trolley for anyone to play with - I may have shouted abuse through the window about 'twats dumping trolleys' at this point ... well, I think it was me - I don't know where the trolley is now and I care even less.

Of course, my Asda trolley is parked neatly on our back yard, ready to go back tomorrow ...


We've just been overcharged yet again on New Years eve.

Apples on offer at £1 a bag, the GOM paid £1.27. Asda, your computer does not match your shelf pricing ... please FIX IT!!

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