Thursday, 16 December 2010

Langley Mill Post office

Post Office Opening Times:
Mon - Fri ... 09.00 - 17.30
Saturday ... 09.00 - 12.30

Unit 2
Wesley Street
Langley Mill
NG16 4ED

[My GOM has just been to ask at the PO for their address as people keep searching on here for it]

For anyone that doesn't know already, the new post office at Langley Mill is open ... yet another grand opening [if they had one] I wasn't asked to officiate at. I'm starting to feel just as unimportant as I actually am [ha ha].

Anyone hoping to go to the new post office or that big shop next-door-but-two to them via the top of Bridge Street should really try to find a different route unless they're wearing wellies. We came back from visiting friends over the bridge this morning and there was a sludgy pond at the bottom of the ramp yet again - ugh, wet feet - made worse by Heanor Haulage keep going over the footpath with muddy wheels whilst they go about their business of noisily clearing crap, erecting fencing and making bonfires.

And a big thanks for the latter, I thought it was snowing again until I noticed that some of it was going up, then realised that it was your bloody ash, so another day of no washing because I can't have the window open for the dryer hose ... you stink Heanor Haulage - but not quite as much as me because I've just been hanging out of the window taking photos of your bloody bonfire - oh bugger, more washing!!!

Where was I? cough, cough, wheeze. Oh yes ... If you do happen to carry on down Pottery lane expecting to go anywhere via Wesley Street, forget it because Asda seem to OWN this street and have fenced it off at the top [this was pointed out by the somewhat annoyed friends we visited]. Also we'd all like to know when the improvements to Pottery Lane - that we were promised by Asda at the earliest 'we want to build YOU a store at Langley Mill' meeting - are going to happen.

The grumpy old man has been out every night this week, he decided to treat me last night and took me [and my debit card] with him. Don't get too excited because his idea of taking me out was to go to Asda, last time he took me out for an evenings entertainment, we went to Tesco, the time before that - it was a bit special, being a Friday - was Ikea. Hmm, my cup runneth over ...

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