Thursday, 2 December 2010

Let It Snow!

Well, I can't honestly remember snow like this and I've been around - like, well - forever. On the other hand the grumpy old man can remember much worse snow, but as he says, they always seemed to do a better job of everything in the olden days, including the weather.

There has been a lot of pedestrian activity on Bridge Street with people walking to Asda - including me, I went yesterday for a bit of idle comfort food - frozen dumplings - and they'd run out. This meant that not only did I manage to spend over £30 and not get what I went for, but I also had to do dumplings the manual way by getting my fingers all sticky and floury - yeah, yeah I know I'm not meant to get gummed up to the eyebrows with suet, but this is me.

I might add that my home made dumplings were far better than the frozen variety - even with the addition of the pink work dye which no soap removes from my left hand in over a week, but amazingly suet does in seconds [note to self - wash hands in suet], so in future I will suffer the indignity of sticky hands [yuck] and use the old fashioned method of dumpling making ... or not.

The wheelie bins haven't been emptied, tut, you'd think they'd have struggled to get here to wake me up wouldn't you? I've since found out by doing a bit of light reading on t'interweb that we can put 3 extra bags of rubbish out with our bins next time but must still ensure the lids on the bins are closed  ... wheelie. Oh well 'rules is rules'  ...

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