Monday, 2 November 2009

Getting Beyond A Joke e.on

OK, I’ve had my tuppennyworth of amusement out of these holes, but what the wind hasn’t done; the local t**ts have finished off.

The barrier is completely down, a family trying to go up the bridge on their way to school has just had to struggle past as the barrier was still connected in places but lying all over the pavement, until one of them gave in and shoved it all back towards the hole.

It’s awful living here with all those bits of ammunition lying around, it’s bad enough at the best of times with some of the yobs that use the bridge, but last night I was sat listening to the morons. I didn't tell the slightly deaf GOM or he'd have gone out to tell them off. You daren’t show your face to tell anyone to behave because your property ends up being the first target - as we've already found out.

Later, I was laid awake listening for people throwing stuff. It’s no joke waiting to hear things hitting your windows, doors and cars. If the holes aren’t filled in today and the ammunition moved, there will be phone calls made - in fact I’ll ring them today anyway.

And for your information Central Networks - e.on, if any of your stuff [including the hole debris] hits any of our properties - by any means - then you expect the bill for the damage.

By the way, it's Langley Mill - not Long Eaton - why do they always confuse the two? I suppose it could be because they're both in Derbyshire with a similar Nottingham postcode [NG16 - NG10].

I wouldn't be surprised if the hole fillers have been stood on Bridge Street in Long Eaton, scratching their heads and wondering where the holes are …

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