Monday, 30 November 2009

Heanor Tesco Extending?

I’ve had a look at Tesco’s plans at AVBC, I don’t know why because it’s nothing to do with me – yes I do, people keep asking me about them – “You didn’t tell me about Tesco, I had to wait for so and so to tell me, moan, whinge, moan.”

They seem to think that I’m the ‘fount of all knowledge’ when really I’ve just become nosy in the past year. It’s probably age related because up until recently I was the least nosy person I knew.

Anyway, after waking several times in the night in a sweat, thinking ‘I must blog about Heanor Tesco’ and then puzzling as to why - it was actually because quite early on in the night I dreamt that Tesco was trying to shut me up??? and I had to go into hiding [I was sat under a hedge in a very muddy field], because they didn’t want Asda to know they were extending - hmm, yes, well? I do have some stupid dreams [in colour] in which I always, ahem, take the leading role where I'm often deluded and full of self-importance. But I can’t help what I dream about can I?

When I woke up properly this morning, yawn - instead of the half-awake stupor caused by PMB Pallet Express waking me frequently from my dreams - I knew that if I knew on 26th November about Heanor Tesco putting in plans to extend, then Asda probably knew well before me, and anyway - I don't have a hotline to Asda.

Right, to the job in hand - you know, this is getting to be a lot like work and the pay is awful -

Heanor Tesco’s plans.

It looks like if they get permission that it’ll be approximately half as big again as it is now [35,858 sq ft - 53,355 sq ft], extending on the front up to their main road in the car park, there probably is a lot of wasted space at the store entrance as it is now. Then they’ll have to redo that immediate area of car park too, but they will lose some car parking spaces.

The petrol station will be going, presumably so that they'll be able to say that as there will be no people going in for petrol, this will counterbalance their expected extra retail customers and so appease the highways agency - cunning.

I can’t imagine how they’ll do it without a lot of disruption as it involves the store entrance - unless they make a temporary one first. Either that or shut up shop and do a marathon build - either way, this must be done before Asda opens in Langley Mill as customers are very fickle.

It was ok when Eastwood Morrisons extended - done at a leisurely pace when the earliest ‘Asda in Langley Mill’ rumours started [probably a coincidence] - because the extension there caused no more inconvenience than going in and out of the car park a different way.

Apart from anything else I don’t really care what Tesco do, it’s not like I’m going to go against all my principles and start shopping there is it? I will be having similar problems with my principles when it comes to shopping in Asda, but that’s all in an as yet unpublished post …

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