Monday, 16 November 2009

Yes to Asda in Langley Mill :)

The council passed the proposals from Asda and Heanor Haulage tonight - for both the store and the residential development.

Lovely, here's to our future of living on a building site - at least temporarily - as opposed to living in a scrap yard.

I'll probably - depending on how much time I have - write in more detail [yawn] tomorrow ...


  1. yes you will be able to look forward to all the dust when they start knocking those buildings down but at the end of the day you will see sun light which bridge street as never seen over the last 120 years or so

  2. Yes, It'll be a whole new world. A tiny [really tiny] part of me will be sad because of the history that will be wiped out. I'm going to take photo's of the different views that we'll have before the new buildings go up, plus I'm hoping to take regular photo's of the progress of demolition and rebuilding. Watch this space :)


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