Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Update from Asda - Langley Mill

The grumpy old man received what can only be described - well by me, in my current mood - as a begging letter from Asda this morning.

Apparently Amber Valley Borough Council are expected to make a decision on the ‘Asda planning application’ on Monday 16th November - aha, that's why someone googled yesterday with the phrase ‘asda get go ahead langley mill’. They were checking to see if I knew when it would be.
There, my very best Miss Marple impression again - it's quite worrying when someone else visits with a ‘’ in the host name though - paranoia, don't you just love it!?

‘Public support, like your own, could be a crucial factor in the Asda scheme being granted planning consent.’
They also harbour bizarre notions that we might be ‘interested in speaking on the night in support of the Asda application.’ - as - supportive speeches can be extremely effective’.

They’re looking into arranging free coaches to take us to the council offices in Ripley so we can waft our ‘attached’ [I think they meant enclosed] ‘YES to Asda Langley Mill’ leaflet.

If you’re at all wondering about my mood - oh, you weren’t - it’s because Asda never write to ME!

OK, moaning aside now - why does Asda think they need any support? The only objections I can envisage will come from Tesco and Morrisons for purely non-altruistic reasons.
Other than that, the only serious consideration has to be traffic. Asda has pointed out in this most recent letter - not addressed to me - that NONE of their HGV’s will travel through the centre of Heanor - not that it'll matter much by then, because with the opening of Asda, Heanor will probably become a ‘ghost town’ - unless of course, you want to eat your takeaway at the bookies.

Nor is it ‘anticipated that Cromford Road will be used by Asda related traffic’ - I think they’re wrong on that one myself as there may be a lot of traffic from Codnor and even Loscoe using that route to shop at Asda.

But who am I to say? I’m not worth writing to even though they have always had my support - especially since they promised to shove the Heanor Haulage workshop a bit further away.

There were people at the top of Bridge Street earlier today taking photos of the eyesore that is the bridge steps and Heanor Haulage's deadly nightshade patch with razor wire - I wasn't being nosy either, I just happened to be nipping next door when I saw them. I can only imagine that was something to do with Asda or the council.

Hmm, Heanor Haulage, no-one seems to know anything more about them and the bit of recreation ground they want to spread on to - I’ll have to have a nosy day - I have had a little look on AVBC website and noticed that a decision on the Asda/HH residential development proposal is expected on the same day - but I've found nothing about that bit of land.

Note to self - the ‘we love Asda’ leaflet which clashes horribly with my blog background is still in the scanner, don't forget it ...

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