Sunday, 1 November 2009

And Then There Was Light - And Two BIG Holes

We now have light at the top of Bridge Street - again. We can only assume that it must have been a temporary repair they did last week - why else would a lot of workmen fix it until it was broke; leaving the top houses without power for nine hours?

We’re reduced to playing ‘musical cars’, parking them in order of whoever leaves first in the mornings - being of a relatively idle disposition; this means our car will end up at the very top of the road most days.

There has been no sign of workmen since Thursday when they dug the correct hole and repaired the light. Is it normal to leave holes in the road and pavement so long when the job has been done?

The long barrier has now blown over and into the hole leaving part of it unprotected, one of the signs has taken off down the street; ending up precariously close to a brand new car. Now a couple of bits of the barrier are twizzling around in the breeze - no make that one, as one bit has given in and dropped off.

At least now we’ll be able to see the holes before we fall in them - Did I mention how clumsy I was ...

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